Crafting Your Screenwriting Career with Lee Jessup

unnamedScreenwriting coach and author of GETTING IT WRITE, Lee Jessup, shares her advice with the guys about breaking into writing, some common mistakes first-time screenwriters make, how to approach finding an agent and manager, and what writers should expect when selling screenplays. She also breaks down the Blacklist and other ways to break in, and motivates the heck out of us. Enjoy!

Lee Jessup’s bio:

The author of the best selling book Getting It Write: An Insider’s Guide To A Screenwriting Career as well as the upcoming Breaking In: Tales From the Screenwriting Trenches Lee Jessup is a career coach for professional and emerging screenwriters. With an exclusive focus on the screenwriter’s professional development, Lee works with all level of writers including ones who have major spec, pilot and pitch sales under their belts, staffed television writers, television writing program fellows, Hit List, Blood List and Black List writers, as well as writers just beginning to chart their professional course.

Following a stint as a development executive, Lee spent 6+ years as director of During her time with ScriptShark, Lee spearheaded a national Business of Screenwriting seminar series launched in partnership with Final Draft and sponsored by The New York Times Company. An invited speaker at the WGA, for NBCUniversal, as well as at screenwriting conferences, events and festivals both in the US and Europe, Lee is a regular contributor to Script Magazines and the official coach for Final Draft’s Big Break contest winners.


website: twitter: @leezjessup Facebook:


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