CN Crawford Talks Writing Teams, Urban Fantasy, and Magic

CN CrawfordCN Crawford Talks Writing Teams, Urban Fantasy, and Magic. We had a lot of fun discussing stories, where the writing team’s ideas come from, how they approach writing as a team and husband and wife, and more.

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C.N. Crawford is not one person but two. We write our novels collaboratively, passing our laptops back and forth to edit each other’s words.

Christine is from Lexington, Massachusetts and has has a lifelong interest in New England folklore–with a particular fondness for creepy old cemeteries and execution histories. Nick spent his childhood reading fantasy and science fiction during Vermont’s long winters, which have rendered him impervious to the cold.

After the fact, we chatted about marketing, and Christine had this to say:

I’ve read Chris’s book and I would say that I definitely try to “write to market,” which to me means discovering what people love about the genre you’re writing it. That’s why it helps to love the genre you’re writing, because you already have that insight. As a school psychologist, I taught social skills, and I view “writing to market in the same way” because they both involve learning about what other people are interested in and thinking about other people’s perspectives and internal worlds, not just your own

Check it out!

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