Rhett Bruno on Writing Scifi and Traditional Publishing

Rhett Bruno shares his experience writing Scifi and traditional publishing, as well as his thoughts on trying out self publishing.

He also talks about his experience setting up Scifi Bridge, and shares his advice on agents and editors. Sign up for his newsletter! http://rhettbruno.com/newsletter

Check out his new release, The Collector.

BOOK DESCRIPTION: Wise-cracking, corporate bounty hunter Malcolm Graves has a knack for finding trouble. After twenty years working for Pervenio Corp chasing bounties and extinguishing rebellions throughout the solar system, he is on a routine pickup job hunting a wealthy offworlder heir who ran away from home. But when a mad scientist gets his hands on the boy, Malcolm finds himself caught up in a twisted plot to develop working androids.

In this prequel novella to Rhett C. Bruno’s Titanborn Series, join Malcolm on a mission gone awry.

Titanborn Series Book 1: Titanborn (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B018CHA2RI)
Titanborn Series Book 2: From Ice to Ashes (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01M3WP9N4)


Rhett Bruno has been writing since before he can remember, scribbling down what he thought were epic stories when he was young to show to his friends and family. He currently works at an Architecture firm, but that hasn’t stopped him from recording the tales bouncing around inside of his head.

Rhett is the amazon-bestselling author of “The Circuit Trilogy”, “Titanborn”, and “From Ice to Ashes.” Please subscribe to his newsletter for exclusive access to updates about his work and the opportunity to receive limited content and ARCs. For a limited time you’ll also receive a FREE digital copy of Book one in The Circuit Trilogy, “The Circuit: Executor Rising.”

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