Richard Dansky Talks Writing Video Games and Table Top Games

Richard Dansky is a novelist, video game writer, and table top game writer. He speaks at various writers conferences, and runs the East Coast Game Conference.

Richard has written on numerous video games, and is the developer of the 20th anniversary edition of the acclaimed tabletop RPG Wraith: The Oblivion. He has published six novels and one short story collection. A former executive of the IGDA Game Writing SIG, he serves on the advisory board on the Game Narrative Summit at GDC. He lives in North Carolina with his wife and their mathematically improbable collections of books and single malt scotches.

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Creative Writing Career 2 the Audiobook!

Slide1Thanks to the lovely folks over at #ACX and to narrator Thomas Block, the audiobook for Creative Writing Career 2 is now available on Amazon, iTunes, and Audible!

This was a long time in the making, and included some great interviews from friends and from people I never thought I’d have the chance to chat with, but we did it! Thanks again to my co-writer Stephan Bugaj for all the awesome work he put into this book and continues to put into the podcast, and to Allen Warner for his foreword.


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CWC Podcast Ep 11: Heidi McDonald and starting late in Games

CWC Podcast Logo_v2 (1)Ever thought you may be too old to change careers? Especially for writing in games? If so, check out Heidi McDonald’s story! In this episode she talks about her journey and advice.

Heidi was a stay at home mom when the recession hit, and that’s what pushed her to see what was next – lucky for her, that eventually led to her awesome career in video games. But it started with her being a 39 year old college with a bunch of 18 year olds. From there she dove in and learned a multitude of skills, and went to a creative careers seminar where she heard a woman talk about working in games – and that was an eye opening moment. Continue reading

The Creative Writing Career podcast is here!

CWC Podcast Logo_v3If you’re a follower of my site, it’s likely because you have an interest in writing or like to at least hear writers’ stories. It’s with you in mind that…

we just launched the CREATIVE WRITING CAREER podcast!

So far, we’ve interviewed or have scheduled such folks as Elias Madias (Shadow of Mordor), Tim Powers (On Stranger Tides), Matthew Ritter (Telltale Games, comics, and indie Games),  Jazon Denzel ( and publishing with Tor), Will Wight (The Traveler’s Gate trilogy), Lee Jessup (Getting it Write, Screenwriting coach), and Linda Poitevin (Sins of Angels), and more.

Find it on iTunes or through your android podcast search. You can also find it at Please remember to share and leave a review!

Hosts: Stephan Bugaj, Justin Sloan, and Kevin Tumlinson

Launch date: November 2, 2015


Creative Writing Career Podcast – Launching Soon!

CWC Podcast Logo_v3Hey all, just wanted to let you know that the Creative Writing Career podcast is preparing to launch, and it’s right around the corner! To be updated, join our mailing list, here. 

As you wait patiently, here’s a sneak peak at some of the folks we’ve interviewed:


avatar for Elias MadiasWriter Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor

Elias Madias is a writer who has worked with the company Sleep Deprivation Lab as a script doctor on a number of AAA console games, the most recent being award-winning Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor.

Previously, he worked in features in the family genre for multiple studios including Disney Feature Animation, Universal, and 20th Century Fox.  He has signed so many NDAs he’s unsure if he can even reveal his middle name in this bio.

AND Elias is going to be a panelist at this year’s Austin Film Festival #AFF2015.



RSD14_099_0024aJason Denzel is the author of Mystic (coming in November 2015), a filmmaker, and the founder of, the leading online community for Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time saga.

Since 1998, Dragonmount has been the web’s top destination for franchise-related news, features, blogs, theories, games, and discussion. has been featured in news outlets including USA Today, CNN, ABC, Wired, the Los Angeles Times, and Maclean’s Magazine (Canada).

Jason sits on the Board of Directors for JordanCon, an annual convention held in Atlanta which celebrates the works and spirit of the late Robert Jordan. He is also on the Advisory Council for the Waygate foundation, a charitable organization which helps authors and other content creators raise funds for charitable purposes. He has independently consulted on theWheel of Time film franchise, and was closely involved with the development of the final three Wheel of Time books. In 2013, Jason was a Guest of Honor at PenguinCon, a popular convention celebrating genre fiction and technology.

In addition to writing, Jason is an award-winning independent filmmaker. His trailer for The Towers of Midnight (produced in association with Tor Books) won three prestigious Telly Awards, including honors for cinematography and visual FX. He has won additional awards for entries in the 48-hour film festival and the Star Wars fan-film competition, and is currently working on a Kickstarter-funded short calledSpectre, about an ancient sword with a mind of its own.

In his free time, Jason studies Choy-Li-Fut Kung-Fu as part of the Plum Blossom Federation. He lives in Northern California with his two young boys, and owns a lot of swords and collectible fantasy artwork.

(And More!)

Interview: Elizabeth LaPensee, Game Writer and Designer

lapenseeheadshotlightElizabeth LaPensée, Ph.D. expresses herself through writing, design, and art in games, comics, experimental animation, and other interactive media. She is Anishinaabe, Métis, and Irish, currently living in Minnesota. Most recently, she created We Sing for Healing (2015), a musical text adventure game. She also designed The Gift of Food (2014), a board game for the Northwest Indian College about Northwest Native traditional foods. Continuing her work with communities, she co-designed Tulalip Tribes: Connected to the Land: Gathering Native Foods (2014), a suite of games about Tulalip traditional foods for the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. Her dissertation in Interactive Arts and Technology from Simon Fraser University in British Columbia shares experiences from the Indigenous social impact game Survivance (2011), which encourages ongoing healing through storytelling and creating art.

This interview will be one of many with amazing writers in my upcoming sequel to Creative Writing Career.

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Nook First – Military Veterans in Creative Careers

Screenshot_2015-07-26-08-21-35-1Anyone who has followed my writing career knows that my non-fiction book, Military Veterans in Creative Careers has been a major passion project for some time. I served in the Marines and wanted to share my advice and the advice from other veterans, so that our brothers and sisters will have at least some sort of path in mind when they set off to pursue their creative passions.

I am happy to see that Barnes and Noble is supporting the cause – last week they featured my book on the front page of their Nook First program.

AND for the month of August I’ll be donating all royalties from this book’s sales to OPERATION SUPPLY DROP (OSD), an amazing organization. So if you’d like to support me and OSD, head over to B&N and get a copy of the book. Continue reading

Giveaway – the Steven Pressfield Motivation Pack

20150712_104847I briefly mentioned this giveaway when I was on the Self Publishing Podcast a couple of weeks ago. At long last, here it is!

I’ll be giving away the books in the picture, along with an Audiobook copy of my book Creative Writing CareerIf you are an author and have ever wanted encouragement in your writing, advice on going pro, or really just want to be a better writer – this giveaway is for you! I have 3 packs I’ll be giving away randomly, and all you have to do is sign up for my newsletter and confirm via

Thank you for entering, and good luck!

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Also, stay tuned on my Twitter and Facebook – this month I’ll be doing an Amazon and a Goodreads giveaway on Creative Writing Career, to celebrate the releases of my new book, Military Veterans in Creative Careers.

And if you just want the CWC book but don’t want to try your luck on giveaways and feel $4.99 is too much, Amazon is having a “Prime Day” sale July 15 – and on that day (and that day only), you can get the ebook for $0.99!

Creative Mentor Series

BookCoverImageAs the second book in my Creative Mentor series is about to hit the shelves (and the 3rd in a couple of months!) I thought I would share with you all some highlights from book 1. The book has done fairly well, including nearly 100 audiobooks sold and reaching Top 3 Best Seller in Job Hunting, December 2014.

For more information on the book, see below. And I recommend you check out other audiobooks by the narrator, Thomas Block. 

The Book:

Want to be a writer of video games? A screenwriter? A novelist? This book will guide you as you position yourself for a career as a writer.

Based on a lifetime of struggling to make it as a creative writer, “Creative Writing Career: Becoming a Writer of Movies, Video Games, and Books” is a guide for aspiring writers to help them position themselves in an extremely competitive field. The book includes information on the writing process and ways to improve one’s craft, but mostly focuses on how to get discovered and where to concentrate energy in the meantime. The content of the book is supplemented by writer interviews, featuring some incredibly gifted people who share the wisdom they have gained. With writing, as with most aspects of life, I have chosen to rely on those with demonstrated wisdom to move ahead. This book presents that wisdom for the reader to do the same. Continue reading

Celebrating My First 100 Audiobook Sales

I know, it’s not a big number yet, but it’s 100… Has a nice ring to it? And to celebrate my first 100 audiobook sales, I’m giving away 10 audibooks, your choice from my selection.


If you’re curious about the process of producing an audiobook, I have included my post, originally published on the blog (nowTheRoadLessWritten):


Why would you just sell your book in ebook or print, when you could sell it as an audiobook? Maybe your answer is that you have no idea how to get your book into audiobook format. If that’s the case, there are a couple of choices, but the one I like is

I recently released the audiobook for Teddy Bears in Monsterland, my preteen novel of a teddy bear that goes into the lands of monsters to save his boy who was taken in the night. And guess what? The process was easy. ACX is like a big brother program, pairing us up with amazing (potentially) narrators and holding our hand along the way. 

Interested in going with ACX? The first step is to login to the site (run by Amazon, so use your Amazon login), and select your book (the book has to be published first). Then you select whether you want to pay them a set amount up front (for example, $100 per finished hour), or split the royalties with the narrator. It seems to me that you’ll get higher quality narrators if you offer to share the royalties, but if you believe you’ll make millions, go ahead and pay up front. But be ready to get in touch with reality.

Next comes the fun part – auditions. You put up a small section of your book, such as a page, and then narrators audition to read your book. You listen and choose one you like, and if they accept your offer, you’re ready to make your book! Then comes the even more fun part, which is directing the narrator as they submit their readings of the chapters. Be careful here, because if you don’t catch errors, nobody will. Listen to each chapter as they come in, and be sure to give the narrator prompt feedback in case there are any corrections that need to be made.

When you are finally done, you both confirm and ACX checks it, and that’s pretty much it. Easy, am I right? So if you have a novel and have the subsidiary/ audiobook rights, get on ACX and make it happen. I look forward to listening to your audiobook!

In the meantime, you can check out my audiobooks on Audible, Amazon, or iTunes.

Available now:

1) Teddy Bears in Monsterland

2) Creative Writing Career: Becoming a Writer of Movies, Video Games, and Books

Coming soon:

1) Back by Sunrise



*US and UK only, digital copies