Audiobook Access and Marketing Audio with JN Chaney

Audiobook AccessEver wondered how to market audiobooks? Well, on today’s episode author JN Chaney joins Justin and Kevin to talk audiobook creation and marketing, along with a new program – Audiobook Access.


Check out Audiobook Access here, for free audiobook giveaways and to market your audiobook.  Continue reading

Instafreebie and Author Giveaways with Ashley Durrer

ashleyHave you heard of Instafreebie yet? If not, you need to get on this! Head over to and you can set up some book giveaways to build a mailing list. It can also be used for advanced reader/ review copies, gaining some pre-release excitement around your product, and more.

Ashley Durrer shares some tips with us about how to leverage Instafreebie to get the most out of it. At the top of the list are group promotions (that are different here than some places you might have seen them), and the newsletters / website featured area and blog.  Continue reading

Book Launch and Writing Hell’s Children, with John L. Monk

51WFw8yYuJL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_John L. Monk wrote an awesome book called HELL’S CHILDREN, and he shares how he went about writing it and then launching it. The book launch phase of being an author is hugely important, so tune in to this episode! It’s also applicable for anyone looking to push their creative work into the world.  Continue reading

iTunes New and Noteworthy Podcasts – Creative Writing Career made it!

CWC Podcast Logo_v3Creative Writing Career right next to Star Wars on New and Noteworthy podcasts in iTunes ‘literature.’ Thank you all to helping us get there – it was a goal of ours, and we’re so happy you were able to help us make it happen!

Screenshot 2015-11-12 08-33-25


And don’t forget to buy the book on Amazon!

Creative Writing Career 2


The Creative Writing Career podcast is here!

CWC Podcast Logo_v3If you’re a follower of my site, it’s likely because you have an interest in writing or like to at least hear writers’ stories. It’s with you in mind that…

we just launched the CREATIVE WRITING CAREER podcast!

So far, we’ve interviewed or have scheduled such folks as Elias Madias (Shadow of Mordor), Tim Powers (On Stranger Tides), Matthew Ritter (Telltale Games, comics, and indie Games),  Jazon Denzel ( and publishing with Tor), Will Wight (The Traveler’s Gate trilogy), Lee Jessup (Getting it Write, Screenwriting coach), and Linda Poitevin (Sins of Angels), and more.

Find it on iTunes or through your android podcast search. You can also find it at Please remember to share and leave a review!

Hosts: Stephan Bugaj, Justin Sloan, and Kevin Tumlinson

Launch date: November 2, 2015


Creative Writing Career 2

Creative Writing Career 2It’s here! Get Creative Writing Career 2 for only $3.99 today – price goes up in 24 hours.

You can get book 1 for #free by signing up for my author mailing list.

The Book: 

Make your writing more than a hobby. Make it your career.

In this sequel to Creative Writing Career: Becoming a Writer of Movies, Video Games, and Books, Stephan and Justin continue to bring you industry advice as well as interviews with screenwriters, video game writers, and authors of books and comics. These writers’ credits include such amazing titles as:

• Big Fish
• Batman
• Game of Thrones
• The Crow
• Divergent
• John Carter
• Brave
• Yesterday’s Gone
• Prince of Persia: Sands of Time
• Sandman Slim
• Jurassic World

(And many more!)
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Writing Your First Book?

self-publishing-answers-862x574Are you writing your first book? Not sure what else you should be focusing on (Marketing? Facebook ads? The so important author newsletter? The next book?) – well that’s exactly what we discussed in last week’s SELF PUBLISHING ANSWERS podcast! So if you’re interested, check it out. Continue reading

Podcasting and the Self Publishing Answers podcast

self-publishing-answers-862x574If you haven’t heard yet, I’m not co-hosting the Self Publishing Answers podcast with Nick Thacker and Kevin Tumlinson. It’s a great podcast with 37 episodes before I jumped in, but you can find my two (and others as they’re released) below:


We have some great topics coming down the pipeline, and amazing guests, so stay tuned!



Interview: Michael La Ronn, Decision Select Novels

La-Ronn-LowresMichael La Ronn is an author, poet, public speaker, and entrepreneur. He writes fearless fantasy and Decision Select Novels, and he is known for his quirky, imaginative writing style. He also writes nonfiction about writing and indie publishing.

In 2012, a life-threatening illness put him in the hospital. Realizing that life was too short, he devoted himself to self-publishing, entrepreneurship, and all the other punishments that indie authors love to bring upon themselves. And he loves every moment of it.

Website: Continue reading

Giveaway – the Steven Pressfield Motivation Pack

20150712_104847I briefly mentioned this giveaway when I was on the Self Publishing Podcast a couple of weeks ago. At long last, here it is!

I’ll be giving away the books in the picture, along with an Audiobook copy of my book Creative Writing CareerIf you are an author and have ever wanted encouragement in your writing, advice on going pro, or really just want to be a better writer – this giveaway is for you! I have 3 packs I’ll be giving away randomly, and all you have to do is sign up for my newsletter and confirm via

Thank you for entering, and good luck!

To sign up for the newsletter –



Also, stay tuned on my Twitter and Facebook – this month I’ll be doing an Amazon and a Goodreads giveaway on Creative Writing Career, to celebrate the releases of my new book, Military Veterans in Creative Careers.

And if you just want the CWC book but don’t want to try your luck on giveaways and feel $4.99 is too much, Amazon is having a “Prime Day” sale July 15 – and on that day (and that day only), you can get the ebook for $0.99!