Frank V.V. Boss Jr. and the WGF’s Veterans Writing Project

Frank BossFrank V.V. Boss Jr. was one of the lucky military veterans to recently attend the Writers Guild Foundation’s Veterans Writing Project. I attended this a couple years ago, and recommend every veteran attend it if given the chance.

Frank agreed to let me re-post this piece he wrote about his experience. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s a wonderful read and inspiring!

Frank’s article, “Veterans Who Write”

A long time ago, if you knew me, you’d say that I was a horrible writer. At least very bad at English! That’s what my high school teacher would say (with red marks all over my paper)… I even hated to hand-write always have! But over the years I came to like writing. It wasn’t until my days as a background investigator, for some three letter agencies (hush hush), that I began to write narrative stories of sorts. They were small stories of people, almost like you and I, who had very unique chronicles to tell. Of course for their protection I cannot divulge their identities! None-the-less, each person I met was fascinating to talk to. Continue reading

Nook First – Military Veterans in Creative Careers

Screenshot_2015-07-26-08-21-35-1Anyone who has followed my writing career knows that my non-fiction book, Military Veterans in Creative Careers has been a major passion project for some time. I served in the Marines and wanted to share my advice and the advice from other veterans, so that our brothers and sisters will have at least some sort of path in mind when they set off to pursue their creative passions.

I am happy to see that Barnes and Noble is supporting the cause – last week they featured my book on the front page of their Nook First program.

AND for the month of August I’ll be donating all royalties from this book’s sales to OPERATION SUPPLY DROP (OSD), an amazing organization. So if you’d like to support me and OSD, head over to B&N and get a copy of the book. Continue reading

Creative Mentor Series

BookCoverImageAs the second book in my Creative Mentor series is about to hit the shelves (and the 3rd in a couple of months!) I thought I would share with you all some highlights from book 1. The book has done fairly well, including nearly 100 audiobooks sold and reaching Top 3 Best Seller in Job Hunting, December 2014.

For more information on the book, see below. And I recommend you check out other audiobooks by the narrator, Thomas Block. 

The Book:

Want to be a writer of video games? A screenwriter? A novelist? This book will guide you as you position yourself for a career as a writer.

Based on a lifetime of struggling to make it as a creative writer, “Creative Writing Career: Becoming a Writer of Movies, Video Games, and Books” is a guide for aspiring writers to help them position themselves in an extremely competitive field. The book includes information on the writing process and ways to improve one’s craft, but mostly focuses on how to get discovered and where to concentrate energy in the meantime. The content of the book is supplemented by writer interviews, featuring some incredibly gifted people who share the wisdom they have gained. With writing, as with most aspects of life, I have chosen to rely on those with demonstrated wisdom to move ahead. This book presents that wisdom for the reader to do the same. Continue reading

Military Veterans in Creative Careers – Available for Pre-Order

Military Veterans in Creative Careers - Justin SloanI’ve been working on a passion project for some time and finally have it ready!

My book Military Veterans in Creative Careers on Amazon for pre-order (available 7-4-15).

1) Everyone who joins my mailing list and follows me on Twitter will be entered in to win one of 10 free copies of my Creative Writing Career audiobook (regular price = $19.95).

2)  If you order a print copy and leave an honest review, shoot me an email and I will give the first 5 people to do so a signed copy of the book and a digital copy of the audiobook when they come out, AND a digital copy of the Creative Writing Career audiobook now. If you aren’t one of the 5, you will be entered into a chance to be one of 20 people to get the audiobook free when it comes out. Continue reading

Veterans in the Entertainment Sector

In case you missed it, I created a tab on this site titled ‘Military Veterans.‘ I have recently started gathering interviews and other information regarding military veterans who have gone on to creative careers. Please find samples of this information and interviews on this link, and the startings of my findings below. This information will be going into an upcoming book. If you are a veteran and work in any sort of entertainment sector (movies, video games, books), please contact me to discuss including an interview about your experience. Continue reading