Writing MMOs and other Video Games and Speaking at Gen Con, with Joshua Doetsch

Video game writer Joshua DoetschJustin and Kevin talk video game writing with Joshua Doetsch, who Justin met when they were on a video game panel together at Gen Con 2016.

In addition to writing video games, Joshua has written short fiction and a novel, and you can find out about his writing at his website: JoshuaDoetsch.com.

Josh’s games (from his website):

Lore of the Clans — I wrote the Followers of Set and Tzimisce chapters in this book for the Vampire the Masquerade pen & paper RPG game.

Vampire the Requiem (2nd Edition) — Originally titled Blood & Smoke: the Strix Chronicle. I wrote the Clans section and Chapter 2: The All Night Society in this revision of Vampire the Requiem setting. You’re not human tonight…

The Hunters Hunted II — I wrote the section on the Society of Leopold (and the Epilogue in Chapter Six) in this pen & paper RPG game book for Vampire the Masquerade.

The Secret World — I wrote the lore entries for this MMO and took over as Lead Writer in 2013. “Our wisdom flows so sweet. Taste and see.”

Age of Conan — I’ve served as Lead Writer for this MMO since 2009, writing expansions like “Rise of the Godslayer,” “The Savage Coast of Turan,” “The House of Crom,” and “Secrets of Dragon’s Spine.”

For more information on Joshua and to hear his advice on writing, tune in!


Josh’s Bio:

Joshua Alan Doetsch is a sentient word virus spreading across the collective unconscious through the vector of human language. It has taken on many forms, from short stories, to screenplays, to tabletop roleplaying games. It spreads through print, digital, and audio mediums. It coalesced as the novel Strangeness in the Proportion and shaped itself into an anthropomorphic guise as Lead Writer of The Secret World, a massive multiplayer online computer game. It is made of cuttlefish ink and earworm rhymes, and its fingernails are gleaming fountain pen nibs. You can help spread the infection at joshuadoetsch.com. It’s already too late.




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