Author Spotlight: DM Yates

1392857356Today’s author spotlight falls upon author DM Yates. She writes fantasy/romance, poetry, and children’s fiction. You may find her stories on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks and more – and they contain immortals, dragons, and I think gingerbread men? There’s at least a gingerbread castle 🙂
So if you enjoy fun stories based on mythology and fairy tales, read on! (so that’s everyone, right?)

Q: What books have you read that directly contributed to your decision to write fantasy/romance? 
It was more watching Star Trek the Original series in the 60s and discovering the fun of make believe. After that, I was hooked on fantasy and sci fi. Until I took writing seriously, I didn’t even realize that I was delving into those realms.
Q: You stories, ALWAYS and THE LONE HERO have strong influences from mythology and fairy tales, correct? Where does this come from and what grabs you about such stories?
I’ve always been fascinated by mythological worlds, elves, fairies, and particularly dragons. My stories tend to be unique in these areas. In ‘The Lone Hero’, I have a dragon planet, Aberforth, where dragons live socially much as humans in our world do. In ‘Always’, I wove a modern-day tale of love around mythology and Celtic beliefs. ‘Always’ sets the stage for the Immortal Einarr to traverse planets and experience mortality on those worlds.
Q: They sound amazing! When writing tales of immortals and love, do you have to do research? Are you mostly drawing on personal experience?
I draw from my personal beliefs and heavy research on fairy tales/fables/legends and mythology then I weave the characters and stories into my style.
Q: I love that you have a book of poetry out. What would you tell people who don’t read poetry (reader and authors), and why should they? 
I like to say that my heart belongs to story writing but my soul belongs to poetry, that poetry is music to the soul. So many readers try to hard to understand poetry. You just read it like a book and you’ll absorb the meaning. There are many times of poetry out there. I write 98% rhyme, which is easy to understand. People enjoy songs and songs are nothing more than poems set to music. Read the lyrics to a song sometime without listening to the music, and you’re reading poetry.
Q: You also did a cool looking children’s book, GINGERBREAD CASTLE. What drew you to writing a children’s book?
I love that children’s books are so imaginative and I started thinking, ‘what if a world existed in Dreamland? What if there were a castle made of gingerbread where teddy bears are real? And from there, the story developed. It was a fun book to write.
Q: Writing poetry, fantasy/romance, and a children’s book, what struggles have you found unique to the different genres/ styles? How about with marketing ?
Poetry isn’t popular in our modern age. That’s the hardest to market. I’m an independent author by choice. Agents won’t have anything to do with poetry and many sites aren’t keen on promoting it. From time to time, I post a poem and tell people where they can find my poetry book. Children’s books are popular, but mine is wintry so it’s best to market it in the winter months. Fantasy/romance is my real struggle since it’s something you have to promote constantly and I find I’d rather write stories than deal with marketing. I have yet to come up with a schedule where I work on marketing everyday.
Q: What’s next for you that our audience can get super excited about?
I never know where my writing will take me, but I’m considering publishing a book of my fantasy short stories and a combination of stories from the dragon world Aberforth that will make reading ‘The Lone Hero’ and the next book ‘Laurence of Dragon Fame’ more enjoyable.
Thank you, DM Yates – we can’t wait!


Author Bio: 

DM Yates grew up in Ashtabula, Ohio and began writing stories and poetry as soon as she learned to read and write. After graduating high school, she attended BYU Idaho, BYU Hawaii, and BYU in Provo, Utah majoring in languages.
Although writing and poetry are her passions, she didn’t take publishing seriously until her later years. She is the Author of fantasy/romance stories, starting with ‘Always.’ The second in the series, ‘The Lone Hero’ was published in Dec 2013 and continues the tale of Einarr, an Immortal who visits planets to experience life in mortality.
Her poetry book, Stepping Stones to Love Honor and Respect is a collection of poems dealing with various topics, such as love, honor, respect, spirituality, new age, pain, and Earth.
Her first children’s book was also published in Dec 2013. ‘Gingerbread Castle’ is a children’s holiday illustrated rhyme book for children ages 6 – 8-yrs old.
Her series The Dimidiums Bound by Love, also a fantasy/romance is about the secret race Dimidiums – half human, half vampire, who live in our world.
DM Yates is an independent self-published author and poet. She’s also an obsessive crafter.



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