Justin on the Self Publishing Roundtable Podcast

photoIn case you missed it, I (Justin) was on the Self Publishing Roundtable Podcast! It was super fun talking with them. If you haven’t checked out their show before, you need to. They’ve had some amazing guests in the past, and I’m super honored to be among them.

Check out the episode here. 

And here’s some of the awesome show notes put up there by them:

Picture of Justin SloanJustin Sloan is a video game writer (with credits on Game of Thrones; Minecraft: Story Mode), novelist (Allie Strom and the Ring of Solomon; Falls of Redemption), and screenwriter (Wrecked; My Husband’s Preggo).

He has written on how to take your writing from hobby to career in such books as Creative Writing Career and its sequel, and on how veterans can pursue their creative passions in his book Military Veterans in Creative Careers. Justin studied writing at the Johns Hopkins University MA in writing program and at the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television’s Professional Program in Screenwriting.

Justin was in the Marines for five years and has lived in Japan, Korea, and Italy. He currently lives with his amazing wife and children in the Bay Area.

You may also know him  from the Self Publishing Answers podcast.

Questions and topics discussed:

  • Tell us about your writing background and how you got here today
  • Talked about his time at TellTale, writing for games like Tales from the BorderlandsGame of Thrones and Minecraft story mode
  • Writing and editing at Military.com
  • The structure for writing a game, is it closer to a comic book or movie script?
  • Writing true to the character
  • Why Justin left the video game industry full-time and if he would return
  • How did you get into children’s fantasy?
  • Justin goes into the background and what inspired his Allie Storm series and how he wanted to write something like Land Before Time
  • Writing with PT Hylton
  • What attracts him to writing children’s books
  • Gave some insight on shopping around screenplays–including ones he’s written with Sean Platt
  • How networking is cool
  • Justin’s holiday-themed Teddy Bea monster series and how it got started
  • Ninjas
  • Christopher Hawkins (audience question) is curious to hear any advice you might have for civilians writing works or even just scenes military fantasy. What folks typically get wrong, how to go about doing research, etc?
  • Inspiration for his military fantasy series and capturing the experiences as a marine
  • Talked about the three podcasts he co-hosts and co-hosted: Self Publishing Answers podcastCreative Writing Career and Military Veterans in Creative Careers.
  • The potential futures of the podcasts
  • How Justin finds time to get his writing and podcasts done and still spend time with family
  • Knowing what you know now, what would you have told Justin of a few years ago to succeed?
  • Justin talks a bit more about networking with other authors
  • Big career plan–including the Pixar Studios Plan
  • Christopher Hawkins (audience question) is curious about how your novel writing differs from or has been affected by writing screenplays?
  • Justin explains why he’s a plotter
  • Fast or slow writer?
  • Justin talks about the different passes he does over his work
  • What levels of editing he pays for, his street team and who he thinks is amazing 🙂
  • Justin adds more about balancing the writing life

Links and mentions:

Again, you can listen HERE. 

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