Instafreebie and Author Giveaways with Ashley Durrer

ashleyHave you heard of Instafreebie yet? If not, you need to get on this! Head over to and you can set up some book giveaways to build a mailing list. It can also be used for advanced reader/ review copies, gaining some pre-release excitement around your product, and more.

Ashley Durrer shares some tips with us about how to leverage Instafreebie to get the most out of it. At the top of the list are group promotions (that are different here than some places you might have seen them), and the newsletters / website featured area and blog. 

How do you leverage Instafreebie?

Basically, just share your products that are on there (and other people’s projects if you’re nice), and Instafreebie shares you back! It’s a great system of reciprocity and cross promotion! Yay.

More on Instafreebie:

You want to do the $20 a month option. For sure. Do unlimited giveaways, share like crazy, and you’ll have it made. Oh, and require opt-in (meaning they have to provide their email address to get the book).

Let readers opt-in to your list. As the reader claims your book, give them the opportunity to opt-in to your mailing list. Get more value from your giveaways.

Start building a relationship. You can thank readers for claiming your book, give them exclusive content, and introduce them to your next project.

Add your readers to MailChimp. Connect instaFreebie to MailChimp, add readers directly once they opt-in to your list.

And don’t forget to keep emailing your list and stay engaged! It’s all about building that relationship with your readers. Maybe set up some more giveaways exclusively to your list, to show them you care. This helps create authentic buzz, and Intafreebie will then be able to boost and help to increase that buzz too.

Check out some of the promos on the site, such as “Freebie Friday.”


Links to Justin and Kevin’s books on Instafreebie:



And because we love you, a couple more cool freebies on

Michael Scott Earle’s THE DESTROYER (He was on the podcast here)

JN Chaney’s THE OTHER SIDE OF NOWHERE (He’ll be on the podcast soon)

JL Hendricks ECLIPSE OF THE BEGINNING (She’ll be on the podcast soon)

Laxmi Hariharan’s TAKEN (for all those paranormal, shifter, romance, action/adventure fans). It is set in a dystopian world.


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