CWC Ep32: Building an Author Platform and Mailing List with Johnny Andrews

imageKevin and Justin start off this episode by basically going off on how awesome Johnny Andrews is, and specifically his Author Platform Rocket. Stephan brings it back around by making sure we keep it related to how writers of games and film can leverage mailing lists, and the group discusses other ways to build your platform and market books.

What is Author Platform Rocket?

Through the platform, authors can do giveaways and basically pay Johnny to run our facebook ads for us, to build up an author email newsletter mailing list. Check out Author Platform Rocket (we do not get any cut or represent them in any way).

Want to See Our Giveaways?

Click here for Justin’s giveaway of his fantasy novel, Land of Gods (the first in the trilogy).


Click here for Kevin’s giveaway of his sci-fi omnibus, Citadel.


And if you want to get on their newsletter for awesome sci-fi, fantasy, and more, check it out at

About Your Host Jonny Andrews: Multi-Time Best Selling Author, Publishing Expert, Entrepreneur, International Speaker & Business Strategies Consultant (from Jonny’s site

Since discovering how to “hack” the publishing industry, Jonny Andrews has been known as the go to guy for author entrepreneurs when it comes to launching a successful business or books by leveraging the power of audience & Amazon. His techniques for using leveraged publishing systems has propelled clients works to massive bestseller status in their first week, hitting #10 on Amazon and #2 on the Wall Street Journal.

His programs and services have helped thousands create massive publishing successes in both fiction & nonfiction.

What Do You Do?

I created a service that does the author newsletter building & marketing for fiction authors.

How Do You Do It?

We’ve created an amazing team that creates “perpetual” giveaways that builds your mailing list while you (the author) can focus on writing. We drive traffic by running paid facebook ads. Basically we do all the marketing stuff so you can just focus on writing.

I Love Vampire Novels/Romance Devoured/Reign Of Reads

He is the founder of I Love Vampire Novels, Romance Devoured & Reign Of Reads, book discovery ecosystems reaching up to 3.7 million readers each week. ILVN is considered by many authors to be one of the top needle movers for book sales second only to the promotional giant: BookBub.



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