CWC Ep 18: Can you Write Games Remotely and Movies Outside of LA?

CWC Podcast Logo_v3Some points we make include the idea of looking at teams that are newer and may be primarily made up of people working remotely. Getting a remote situation at a bigger studio is much more difficult, unless your an established name.

For game writing, it’s whatever city offers a game job (but you more often than not have to go to that city). Put together a writing portfolio, look at job postings, and see what your portfolio is missing so that you can correct this.

And then be ready to relocate. Of course, there’s much more than is written here.

But what about in the film world? Mostly, it seems you have to be in LA. Sorry! But the team discusses scenarios where this isn’t the case (because there are always exceptions).

How about your novelists/ non-fiction writers out there? As you’d suspect, you’re in luck. You can write from just about anywhere, including an RV as you travel across the country (as Kevin’s now doing).

Books of the Week:

BOLD: How to Go Big, Make Bank, and Better the World, by Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler, narrated by Steven Kotler.

The Sandman Slim series, by Richard Kadrey and narrated by MacLeod Andrews.

Get them for free at

And Richard Kadrey was interviewed in our book, Creative Writing Career 2! So that’s worth checking out.

Check out the podcast on iTunes, where you can leave a review! You can also download it, here.

And don’t forget to check out the books, Creative Writing Career and its sequel!




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