CWC Ep14: Sleep Deprivation Lab, Red Dead Redemption, and more with Christian Cantamessa

CWC Podcast Logo_v2 (1)Christian Cantamessa shares his advice on breaking into the industry, looking to his experience writing for Rockstar on such games as Red Dead Redemption, and on movies such as Air.

Chirstian got his start in games back in the mid-90s, when he says they started to have more of a writing requirement as they made their move toward being more narrative focused. And yes, he started with a small indie game developer, where he got started learning about design. He went on to work at Ubisoft, and then Rockstar.

During the discussion, Christian shares his experience going from games to film, and what he learned from his 16 plus years in games. It’s all about telling a good story, whether it’s around a camp fire, for a game, or for a film. Listen on to hear the amazing way he elaborates on this.

Guess what? It won’t surprise you to hear that working with Norman Reedus was awesome.


Sleep Deprivation

Lab Red Dead Redemption


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