CWC Podcast Ep10: Story Games and What Makes Great Story in Video Games

Stephan, Justin, and Kevin go into the weeds on “story games,” or games that rely heavily on choices and character. Basically, the literary world of video games. This differs from the “Storytelling in Video Games” episode, in that here we are focusing on delving deeper into what these games that many of us writers love really are.

You are there to play the story. Largely this means caring about how you interact with the other characters in this world, in a roleplaying way. This is that not the type of game where you focus on killing bad guys or gaining levels. This is about the story 100 percent.

We delved into this, and focused on how these types of games are unique and differ from something like World of Warcraft by talking further about such games as Heavy Rain, Walking Dead, Life is Strange, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Minecraft: Story Mode.

The article we mentioned in our discussion:


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