Amazon’s Storywriter Software for Screenwriting

I’m always skeptical about new ways to write screenplays, especially after trying the use the Google plug-in they have (yuck – it was horrible). But after playing around with Amazon’s new Storywriter program (Is it an app? I don’t know what you call it…) I have to say I’m pleased. 

It does a good job figuring out what I want to be writing, and includes shortcuts such as tab for characters/dialogue, and when you hit caps lock it goes to scene heading mode. Pretty sweet. It’s free, which is a plus, and easily lets you login from any computer. So you can easily save it to fountain and send to someone else using it, and then have a simple collaboration going on.

Of course, Final Draft has their new collaboration program in beta, but it’s not free, is it? So….

Does it do mobile? I haven’t tried yet, but would love if it does. Let me know!

Cons so far (and this will be updated):

  • No option to bold my scene headings?
  • No options to change font?
  • Can we add a collaboration feature?

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