Creative Writing Career Episode 3: Jazon Denzel (Mystic and Dragonmount)

CWC Podcast Logo_v3Join Stephan Bugaj, Justin Sloan, and Kevin Tumlinson as they sit down with Jason Denzel to discuss his upcoming book Mystic, how he found his publisher, and what it was like to create the Robert Jordan fan site.

WAIT, WHEEL OF TIME ROBERT JORDAN? Yes, Jason is the guy who founded the fansite for those amazing books that were taken over by Brandon Sanderson after Robert Jordan’s passing. Jason was amazed to see the site grow and grow, and it actually led to Jason getting a chance to interact with Robert Jordan! We discuss Jason’s upcoming book tour, and lessons learned from his time helping with the Wheel of Time book promotions. Jason shares with us some of his ideas he pitched to his publisher, and more information about the magic system and thoughts on writing groups. But the coolest part of this episode? Learning that Jason once wrote Karate Kid fan fiction.

Want to know the author behind the next awesome fantasy novel, Mystic? Want to make sure you’re ready for his book signings? Check out the episode!

Other awesomeness brought up in this episode and cool links:


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