Creative Writing Career Episode 2: Elias Madias (Disney to Shadow of Mordor)

CWC Podcast Logo_v3Join Stephan Bugaj, Justin Sloan, and Kevin Tumlinson as they sit down with Elias Madias to discuss his journey as a screenwriter and video game writer.

SHADOW OF MORDOR! That’s right, that’s what we said. But before we get there, we talked with Elias about how he came up in the industry through being a Director’s Assistant, how he found a writing partner and bust down the first door in his way (to get to Disney!), and how he got into games (the secret? Connections. Networking. Duh).

shadow of mordor

He spent a few minutes talking about the Austin Film Festival, since he’ll be on a panel with Justin. The key there is to go and talk to everyone as peers, because everyone’s there to have a good time. And don’t ask – wait for them to offer.

And Justin terrified the guest by speculating that the AFF panel may be recorded! Check out the Austin ON STORY podcast to see if their panel makes it.

Want to get an intro to Elias, check out this episode! Want to see what’s he is like when spending too many hours at a bar, go to the Austin Film Festival!

Other awesomeness brought up in this episode and cool links:

Shadow of MordorThe Austin Film FestivalRed Dead Redemption

And in case you somehow didn’t know, Shadow of Mordor is based on The Lord of the Rings. 

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2 thoughts on “Creative Writing Career Episode 2: Elias Madias (Disney to Shadow of Mordor)

  1. The second episode was a lot of fun. Filled with some great insights into how to seize the day at conferences and festivals. Certainly fulfills the old adage that ‘fortune favors the prepared’.

    Also good insight into the video game writing industry, especially the ‘script doctoring’ element.

    I’ll be interested in following this series in the future!

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