advanced warfareFinally, a first person shooter that feels amazing AND has a focus on story. I started playing the game yesterday, worried that it was going to be like the other Call of Duty games – a lot of fun, but jolting storylines that don’t even necessarily follow the same person. This is horrible for a person like me who wants to be emotionally connected. We want a point of view to align ourselves with, so that we can feel the death, the decisions, and every jolt of the weapon in our hands.

What makes this game different?

AS I mentioned, it stays with one character (in the beginning anyway, I haven’t yet finished the campaign). It takes the time to setup the character, and is not afraid to do so – the whole time being fairly linear (though this could be improved upon, as it still jolts a bit).

And of course it set up Marines as being awesome – as a former Marine, I can appreciate this (even if the corporation guys seem to be even more awesome. Can’t wait to see how that plays out).

How could games like this be further improved?

In addition to making improvements on the linear, character centered storytelling, I would LOVE to see a game like this that allows us to make decisions that impact the storyline – kind of similar to Mass Effect and that ilk, but with the awesome mechanics of the Call of Duty games.

Of course that’s just me. I like games that feel interactive, as if I’m helping to shape the story (otherwise it often just feels like a fancy simulation). I can just watch a movie. I can just play a game. I can just go outside and live real life. OR I can hope that video game makes me feel as if I’m doing all of this.

For now, Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare has done a good job of evolving past the first person shooters that were just about shooting, but I wonder if there will be a day when I get everything I want. Fingers crossed!

Until that day, I’m going to finish playing this game, because it’s freaken awesome. Maybe someday I’ll see you in multiplayer and see you on there.


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