Audiobook: Teddy Bears in Monsterland

Seeing as I’m having a $0.99 sale on the eBook and Audible is having a $3.47 sale on the Audiobook today, I figured it’s a good time to share my newest youtube posting, a sample of the Audiobook.

THE PLOT: A teddy bear must travel into the land of monsters to rescue his boy who was taken in the night. In the process, he discovers a much larger plot that threatens all children everywhere.

Young Readers (7-12)

This was one of many of my recent passion projects, and I’m sure you will agree that narrator Michael Gilliland did a great job bringing my book to life. You can follow him @mgilliland68 and maybe he’ll be willing to narrate your book as well.

To get the eBook:

To get in on Audible:


PS – My audiobook for Back by Sunrise will be out this month (May 2015), so stay tuned! As a way to entice you, that book is free this week on Amazon (only $2.99 regular price, so even if you miss the deal, it’s not so steep).


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