Books to Film: The Scorpio Races

For quite a while now I’ve been telling everyone what an amazing book The Scorpio Races is, and how surprised I was that they haven’t made the film out of it yet. Well guess what, fellow fans? It looks like the film may be in the works! According to the article quoted below, it was picked up by Warner Brothers, to be produced by David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith under KatzSmith Productions. Join me in a virtual round of applause, won’t you?

Now, for anyone out there who knows Hollywood, nothing is set in stone. Yes, the movie rights may have been purchased, and it may be a big name, but don’t believe it until you see it. That said, screw that – I’m excited as hell and I’m going to let my smile shine. This book is one of the rare finds that keeps the reader engaged from start to finish, and not just because it sets up a new world (not too different from our own) with an intriguing plot, but because the CHARACTERS STAND OUT. That’s right, I all capsed that. The characters in this story mean something, they draw on us emotionally and we love them. They make sacrifices, they have strong desires, and obstacles to those desires. While they won’t stop the world from ending, they have stakes that mean something. This sense of character is what we want in a book, and this is what makes us connect to such films as Harry Potter.

The hard part – expectations. We’ve seen the adaptations where the emotion was pulled out, leaving only a shell… (shudder). We’ve seen 14 year olds be cast as 22 year olds (I’m looking at you, Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, etc. etc.). This can’t happen to The Scorpio Races! Part of why we love the protagonist is her innocence, the fact that she doesn’t know any better and hasn’t really considered love up to this point (which isn’t believable in an adult), and that she is in a family situation where she has basically no choice but to enter the deadly yet very rewarding races.

What this film should be is one on a simple budget as far as location and cast, but beautiful. None of this gloom/drab/boring tone Hollywood set for The Hunger Games, we want an island that looks gorgeous, and we want 90% of the budget to be spent on these mystic horses that emerge from the ocean, and the race scenes to be out of this world. We want a soundtrack that all by itself would make us stand up from our seats in excitement. Give it to us, and we will fill your box office and throw you our money. Fingers crossed.


From the source: 

The Skinny: Maggie Stiefvater must feel like a million bucks having two books in the movie making. We discussed Shiver above, but along with that adaptation her most recent release, The Scorpio Races, was picked up by Warner Bros. almost as recently as the book came out. David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith (who has two YA novels heading to the big screen himself) will produce under KatzSmith Productions. The story, another dystopian tale, has found major success about a society that has an annual race where competitors ride upon water horses (or rather flesh eating beasts from Celtic mythology). It’s a dangerous race, where many perish along the way but the catch is that women are forbidden to participate, yet our lead just happens to be female. Little is known about the film, but it’s really too soon to expect more.


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